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August 8, 2013
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-Reader's Pov-
You loved to go to the Host Club. Tamaki loved to tease you when you were there, but you always talked to Kyoya. So that mostly kept him from bugging you. Kyoya was a head taller then you with black hair and raven colored eyes. ( meaning black) He had glasses and always had his computer with him.

"Kyoya." you said his name to get his attention. He looked up from the laptop and his gazed settled on you. "What are you doing on that?" you asked him. He immediately shut it and put it in his bag.

"I am looking at what you owe us." you had broken a tea set when the twins had cashed into you. Now you had to pay for it. But surprisingly you were okay with that. It just meant you got to be with Kyoya more.

"What do I have to do?" you asked. Kyoya paused before answering you.

"You will make tea, coffee, and bake for the Host Club. You have been excused from your classes and you will spend all school hours here." your mouth fell open and your eyes widened.

"That much time." it wasn't a question more as you were talking to yourself. You jumped up from your seat and started to squeal. "This is going to be so much fun!" you cried out. Good thing none of the guests were here to see that. Kyoya pushed his glasses up on his nose and motioned for you to sit down, which you did.

"Why are you so excited about this?"

"Because I love to bake. This just lets me do what I love to do." you got up and went over to Kyoya. You bent down and gave him a huge hug around the neck and a kiss on the cheek. A light blush spread across his face. "Thank you Kyoya."

You let him go and went to the dressing room. Closing the curtain you changed from your yellow school uniform to a light blue flowing dress. Coming out you opened up all the windows, letting the bright sunshine and wind come flowing into the room. Then you went to the open kitchen and started to get ingredients for cake. When you were reaching foe the flour a hand grabbed your wrist.

-Kyoya's Pov-
I looked at ___. Grabbing her wrist I kept her from reaching the flour. She looked over at me and I let her wrist go.

"The guests will be coming in soon." I kept my voice calm and stern. ___ just rolled her eyes and smiled once again.

"So what. The smell of baking is really good, and romantic. Everyone will love it." She got back to work and all of the customers started to come in and I went to go check my list. The only costumer I had today was ___. I walked back over to her and started to help her make cakes. She stopped working and looked over at me.

"What are you doing Kyoya?" I continued my work but looked over at her.

"You're my only costumer today. So I'm helping you." she laughed and whispered in my ear.

"Better not get anything wrong then. People are watching us." I looked behind us and everyone had grabbed a chair and were seated watching us. Even the other Hosts!

"Better make a show then." she nodded and got back to work. We talked to each other, asking for ingredients, or for help with something. ___ was always kind and helped me with anything that I needed. I helped her too of course.

-Reader's Pov-
You enjoyed working with Kyoya. Cakes were rapidly being sent to the watching costumers, drinks as well. Kyoya worked so well with you. You two always knew what the other was going to do or when they were going to do something. Every time you brushed against Kyoya your heart would flutter and then settle back down when the contact was over.

-time skip-
It was now the end of the day. No one could eat anymore cake, not even Honey-senpi. You were sad that you now had to leave. You wanted to spend more time with Kyoya. You two had ended up flirting with each other to make the girls go wild. But for you, everything you said was real. You loved Kyoya. But what you didn't know was that everything Kyoya had said was real for him as well. The girls were gone and the Hosts were saying goodbye as well. You and Kyoya were left to clean up the mess the two of you had made.

"That was fun, don't you think Kyoya?" he smiled and nodded.

"I had a surprisingly good time." you were a bit shocked, but you were glad he had fun too.

"Then would you like to help me tomorrow?" you asked him. He stopped cleaning up and seemed to be thinking.

"Only if I have no other costumers. Other wise, I would love to." now you two were done and you gathered your stuff. Walking over to Kyoya you stopped in front of him.

"Thank you for the help. Can't wait for tomorrow." you gave him a hug. When you tried to back he wrapped his arms around you, keeping you pressed up against his chest. A finger was placed under your chin and you head tilted up. Kyoya's eyes were staring deeply into yours. He brought his head down and your lips softly met. Your eyes closed and Kyoya have you a sweet, long kiss. When you separated he kept his face close to yours.

"___. I have something to ask you." you nodded for him to continue. "I love you, would you be my girlfriend?" you stood up on your tip toes and whispered in his ear.

"Only if you cook with me tomorrow." you had a teasing voice and a smile graced your lips. Kyoya smiled back and nodded.

"Then yes, I'll be your girlfriend."
This was a request from Broken-Clockwork-Fox. I'm sorry that I didn't get it done sooner, but I write as I feel. So today I finished it and i hope you like it and it was worth the wait.
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